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12-1 pm CT / 1-2 pm ET

The Journey to Rebuild Ambulatory/ASC Volumes

SHSMD Education 2020 Sponsored Webinar

Understanding how to recover clinic volumes after COVID-19 requires a data-driven and well-planned approach.  Being able to analyze key performance indicators such as number of referrals/recalls, conversion ratios and the profile of the patient who is likely to schedule an appointment helped us plan for rebuilding volume.  Reducing patient fear also plays a vital role in getting your practice back to Pre-COVID volumes.  In this webinar, we will present a case study of Ohio Gastroenterology detailing how they were able to harness the power of analytics and automation to rebuild clinic volumes to 91% in the first 15 days of reopening post-COVID.  We’ll discuss identifying the right analytics for your practice, how to set up tracking, and the part marketing and automation plays in reducing patient fear and helping you return to healthy clinic volumes.